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What is the best time to workout: Morning or Evening?


Are you one of them who set alarm for 6 a.m. for early morning exercise and end up opening your eyes at late morning? Are you frequently skipping the exercise because you can’t get up early? If you think only morning is the time for workout. So mind carefully there is no such reliable evidence to suggest that calories are burn more efficiently at certain time of a day.

Whether you work out at morning 6 or evening 6 you are going to burn the same amount of calories any time. The time of your workout hour can only influence how you feel when exercising. All of it depends upon the body’s circadian rhythm because it is the factor that determines whether you are a night owl or early bird. And there is nothing you can do to change it.

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Circadian rhythm is governed by 24 hour pattern of earth’s rotation. These influence body functions like body temperature, body pressure, hormone level and the heart rate, which are responsible for making body ready for exercise.

The best time of workout may differ from person to person according to their regular habit and schedules. Using your body clock as a guide is a good idea for choosing time for your gym or walk. There are some benefits of exercising at different times and is stated below so keep the things in mind while selecting the one according to your requirement.

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Morning exercise advantage:

  • Morning is chosen by the most of the people because it’s least likely to have scheduling conflict therefore regularity in exercise is maintained.
  • Morning exercise routine helps in feeling more energized and productive during the day.
  • If one has trouble with consistency morning can be the best time for them.
  • Morning performance gap can be eliminated by consistency. If one is regular and consistent during morning exercise, they can fill up the performance gap between morning and afternoon.

After morning exercise advantage:

  • According to researcher one can have higher strength and flexibility in late afternoon because of the circadian rhythm, which causes body temperature to rise throughout the day and peak at late afternoon.
  • It’s easier to get into the rhythm because one is not fighting with body the way they do in the morning.
  • To know own best time to exercise
  • All in all the best time to workout is whenever you want and whenever you can.

If you want to know the best times for your exercise follow out the steps and get your best time.

  • Workout in early morning for few weeks then try noon, then early evening.
  • Pick out the one you enjoy the most and which makes you feel best afterword.
  • Being regular is more important than the time of the day. So find the time that makes your exercise regular & consistent.
  • Whether you choose morning time, lunchtime or after work to exercise make it a habit and part of your routine.
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