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How to prevent injuries during workout in gym ?


Do you want to be fit and firm? Want to join the gym but have a fear of not getting proper tutor and end up injuring yourself….

The biggest fear in minds of the every gym beginner is injury. This cause distraction from their main goal and decrease their excitement to start a new adventure of exercise.

Here are some tips for you to keep the body going without breaking down during workout.

Incorrect technique:

incorrect technique

The most common injury cause is the poor workout technique. Every human body has a specific biochemical pathway and wrong technique and posture during workout can pull, rip, wrench or tear muscles and dedicated tissues. So make your technique right to prevent injuries.

Warm up:

The best way to start any workout is warm-up. Warm up is a low intensity workout, which increases the body temperature and blood flow and promote muscle flexibility and mobility.


Everyone knows that warm muscles with proper blood circulation are more elastic then cold and stiff muscles which cause more injury. Try a 5-10 min formalized warm up before workout and stay away from injuries.

Poor nutrition:

It might seem surprising but our diet also can be the cause of the injuries. What we eat, drink is as important as our workout. If you are eat less and continue hard and heavy training you are more likely to get hurt. So eat balanced diet and stay hydrated.

poor nutrition

Carbohydrate is not only the source of energy it will replenish glycogen stores for recovery too. Protein helps in repairing broken-down tissues and muscles.

Lack of concentration:

lack of concentration

During the workout one needs to be concentrated and focused. A small distraction from your work invites injury. More concentration equates more poundage. More poundage equates more growth. It’s important to train yourself smartly without getting hurt.

Bad spotting:

Some exercise like squat, bench press involves the points where you need spotter. A good spotter helps the lifter when he is on the verge of failure therefore he needs to be strong, sensitive and ever alert to the possibility of failure.

Rest and recovery:

Some times when you train so hard the body signals you to back off for rest and recovery. And if one avoids such signals he is on the way of getting injured. When knee is feeling a little achy, soreness lasts for more than recommended 24-48 hours you are just tired.

rest and recovery

Then the time has come to stop your exercise routine and give your body time for rest and recovery. After sufficient rest period you can again start your training without being injured.

Training to often:

Over training is also injurious. It negatively affects the body by taking extra energy and retard the progress. Over training also interferers both muscles and nervous system ability to recuperate ATP and glycogen stores.

Depletion of this stores during the overtraining cause weakness which ultimately leads to injury. The best solution to it is cutting 3-4 session per week or keep session not too long.

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