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How to control high blood pressure without medication ?


The high blood pressure the most common and serious health problem the people face the most due to the wrong lifestyle. When blood pressure is high the blood moves through arteries more forcefully which increase pressure on delicate tissues in the arteries and damage the blood vessels.

high blood pressure

This High pressure can led to serious health complications, such as stroke, heart attack and kidney damage.

A healthy lifestyle can help you to control high blood pressure and reduce the need of medication.

Eat healthy diet

It isn’t easy to completely change your eating habits but a little change can help a lot in reduction of the high blood pressure. Eating diets that are rich in whole grains, fruits, vegetables, low fat dairy products can lower your pressure upto 14mm hg.

healthy diet

Some tips which can help to improve your eating habits:

  • Keep a food dairy to note down what you eat for a week it will monitor your eating habit and help in changing it.
  • Potassium rich food helps in reduction of the blood pressure because it decreases the effect of sodium in blood.
  • Be a smart shopper always stick to your healthy eating plan.

Loose excess weight

Weight and blood pressure go hand in hand. When weight increases blood pressure also increases. Being overweight also trouble you with breathing when you sleep which also cause the rise in blood pressure.

loose weight

Even your waistline is also critical for controlling blood pressure, because it surrounds various organs in abdomen which leads to serious health problems.

The men whose waist measure more than 40 inches or 120 cm and women with waist measurement greater than 35 inches or 89 cm are at higher risk of high blood pressure issue.

Regular exercise

The regular exercise of about 30 minutes effectively helps in reducing blood pressure by 4-9 mm of hg. The best types of exercise for high blood pressure are dancing, jogging, cycling, and swimming.

regular exercise

Regular physical exercise not only benefits in lowering the blood pressure it also helps in benefits your mood, strength and balance.

Reduce the salt intake

Sodium intake plays an important role in blood pressure. Too much sodium in body starts to retain fluid, resulting a sharp rise in blood pressure. So it’s very important to keep check on your sodium intake limit.

eat less salt

The recommended limit of sodium intake is between 15000 mg and 2300 mg per day. You can effectively decrease sodium by adding herbs and spices to increase flavors.

Less stress

Today’s fast paced world is filled with lots of stress and this stress level led to lots of health problem. It’s really important to step away from daily responsibility to relax and slow down life for releasing the stress.


Stress can temporarily increase blood pressure and too much of it is really hazardous for health. You can also take steps to relive your stress in healthy way by adding deep breath, meditation or practicing yoga this all will help a lot in this way.

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