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Best Diet Tips for Six pack Abs


“6 pack abs” dream of almost everybody…

There wouldn’t be one who does not want to flaunt 6 pack abs. Not only guys but these days girls too have a trend of getting 6 pack abs. 6 pack abs requires a bit more than just hard work and effort. It needs right strategy to make it yours.

If you gather people who already achieved 6 pack abs and ask them number one tip for getting abs 90% of them will suggest you proper diet. It means eating right is the major factor. Combination of specific diet strategy and work out plan will definitely give you result.

Protein intake

As it’s well known to all that protein is building block of muscle, more muscles you carry the more efficiently fat burn in body takes place. In your regular diet plan protein intake needs to be high to boost your metabolic rate up and prevent lean muscle mass loss.

If you are gaining a little fat, cut back on your protein intake. There should be little need to go beyond 1 gm of protein per pound of lean mass.

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For making body fight harder to get six packs abs body fat levels needs to be lower. It’s a wise decision to cycle calorie intake between lower level to slightly higher level to ensure metabolism doesn’t crash. Add few more calories on days you have heavy workout and lower them for days you don’t.


Carbohydrates is an important one when it comes to 6 pack abs. sticking to a few familiar source of carbs won’t help you a lot diversify your carbs source to get maximum result. The bulk of your carbs should be from foods like potatoes, brown rice, pasta and veggies. You shouldn’t eat more than 2-3g of carbs per pound of bodyweight.

If you are not diabetic you can try for keeping body off balance for about 48 hours by lowering carb intake to 125g per day in every 2-3 weeks. It helps body to break homeostatic rhythm and revving the metabolic process. Don’t go for low carbs for more than couple of days or fewer than 125g per day.

Drink more water

Drinking water is very important because chemical translation of carbs into energy cannot take place without ample water. Drink water throughout the day don’t wait until you are thirsty because thirst signals the first state of dehydration. You must stay hydrated especially during your training. Try to get at list 10 cups of water a day.

Start right and finish light

Starting and ending meal of the day is very crucial part of any diet plan. If one’s starting and ending is right it almost correct the entire thing. The first meal of day should contain the larger carbs intake. Consuming a mix of simple and complex carbs within 60 minutes after a workout is essential for immediate energy restoration and long term muscle mending.

The last meal must contain protein instead of slow burning carbs. And if you take the carbs make it a way it contains higher water. Making the habit of eating fish as last meal is the good idea because it’s a light meal, replenish amino’s while getting essential fatty acids.

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