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8 Supposedly healthy food you should be avoiding.


Not everything that you think is healthy or as good as you think. This unhealthy foods are masquerading as healthy food. They not only prohibit the weight loss but may cause body inflammation that might lead to some chronic disease. This article covers 8 supposedly healthy food which you need to keep out of your diet for weight loss.

Gluten free foods

gluton free foods

Its not at all beneficiary to eat gluten free food unless you have gluten intolerance. Using such food is cutting critical nutrients from your healthy diet. better to avoid it if you seek for the weight loss .

Multigrain products

multi grain products

Multigrain products typically do not contain whole wheat grain which are rich source of fibers and vitamins . Multigrain products has decreased nutritional values because they are usually refined. Instead of it use whole grain wheat , oats products to get good redult.

Energy and Granola bar

energy bar

Energy bar usually contains large amounts of calories because it’s loaded with suger . It has as much as 600 calories which is equivalent to a bowl of food and it ultimately leads to cancel your workout effects. So be choosy and selective while using it have the one which has low added suger.



Initial idea of margarine was lower in saturated fat than butter so it protects heart health but it’s not so sadly trans-fat are being used in margarine .If manufacturer cut this trans-fat then they load it with vegetable oil which is also not at all good for health.

Dried fruits

dried foods

It typically contains amount of added sugar to make it sweet which is hazardous when one think of weight loss. Even the preservatives that are used like sulphur dioxide is harmful.

Low fat dairy products

dairy products

Research studies 18000 women and found that one who consumes full fat dairy products are 8% less overweight or obese compared to those who intake low fat dairy products group. Low fat dairy products are often contains added sugar and have risk factor for type 2 diabetes, heart disease and even cancer. So say no to low fat dairy products and use the pure form of it.

Frozen diet

frozen food

Packing of every frozen dietary products involves a lot of extra sodium and if you relay on such foods you will end up increasing your sodium intake. So it’s better to avoid processed food even the one which is marketed as healthy.

Vegetable oil

vegetable oil

Although it sounds healthy by the name but it is number one killer that people are not aware of vegetable oils like canola oil are highly inflammatory and not healthy. They are usually genetically modified and partially hydrogenated which is not at all good for loosing weight.

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