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5 Best easy cardio exercise to cut extra fat…

Weight Loss

When it comes about burning fat cardio is the best one that can help out. When you can stay lean and show off the muscles gain just with usual workout routine then what’s wrong with it. By adding just 5 cardio exercise to daily workout plan help to loose the weight faster and will show result sooner.


One of the best way to burn most calories in least amount of time is sprinting. This even does not need any equipment. Sprinting outside, on trade mill, stairs or beaches anywhere will help you because it doesn’t leave any muscles unstretched.


Best way to do it..
For the best results try sprinting a lap then jog a lap keep repeating it as long as you can . At stairs run up to the top at faster phase and then walk or jog down ( use the down portion for your active rest period).


When it’s about total body workout swimming is at top of the list. When you are in water you are fighting gravity so muscles work extra heard to keep you afloat, infact just a single minute of fast swimming leads to fat burnout of about 14 calories.


Best way to loos fat while swimming..
Even swimming strokes makes the difference in amount of calorie burn Butterfly strokes are good for burning calories. If you are high level swimmer , swim as fast as you can for as long as possible and if you are not such strong so do it in intervals . Swim fast as you can and then swim slow for the same distance alternate this interval during workout.


During vigorous indoor cycling the average 180 lb person may approximately burns 1150 cal/hour while for a moderate rider it’s 675 cal/hour . So it seems to be another good cardio for fat loss.


Effective cycling to burn fat..
Doing it in intervals is great to maximize the calorie burn . At first keep the intensity really high for couple of minutes then slow down for a minute. Keep repeating it as long as you can to see the maximum results.

Jumping rope

Its easiest way to burn tons of calorie . Jumping rope not only enhance footwork , shoulder work and coordination but also stimulate sprinting. 30 minutes of jumping can burn upto 500 calories.

jumping rope

Best way to do..
Again the interval concept work here the best jump as fast as you can for a minute then rest 20-30 sec repeat until you are done.

Stair climbing

Its another popular way to burn fat and calories now days. Climbing stairs significantly uses more muscles work out than normal walking. It can burn about 500-600 calories for an average person .

stair climbing

The stair climb for 30 sec with 1-2 min active recovery is best way to do it . Doing 10-15 rounds of the workout will effectively burn up lots of calorie.

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