About Us

Our Mission

MissionFitIndia.in is not just a website which contains blogs or provide you some services. We are not here to just make money, we are here with a mission and that our name perfectly convey that is Mission Fit India . We just want to make people aware about their own fitness. We want to make India Fit , We Want to see a new India Which is more active, more energetic and more fit.

We know that the task is not easy, but someone from somewhere has to start and we have started.We just want your support because without your support we are nothing.Now the time has come to bring the fitness revolution in India.So, just join this Fitness Revolution by becoming a member of Missionfitindia.in

Who We Are

We are MissionFitIndia.in. Your Fitness is our passion.We are here to provide you all the basic and neccesary information about fitness and health.We want you to live a more healthier life and for that only we are working.We are your nutritionist as well as your personal trainer also. We Provide the services and tools which will help you to build muscle, burn fat, and become your best self.

Why MissionFitIndia.in Started

MissionFitIndia.in Started for a cause.As mentioned above we want to see a India which is more healthy and more fit.
Everyone want to live a healthy lifestyle but most of the people don't have proper knowledge of diet, what workout regime should they follow and how should they plan their whole day so that their busy life style don't effect their health.
We want to reach to as many people as possible and want to spread awareness and knowledge related to health and fitness.
Which will help them to live a healthy life.We have choose online medium to spread awareness because today's generation is more fond of internet and social media.

Our Core Values

We write what we believe.
We are here to serve soceity, not just to make money.
We are passoinate about what we are doing.
It's our goal to make your life healthy.
Our mission is not complete until we make India Fit.