how to increase height

how to increase height

how to increase height...?? People generally think that they stop growing taller past 18 .There are certainthings that can maximize your potential growth and add couple of inches to yourheight even after 18.


how to increase height... ??  Height is one of the most important factor of one’s personality. Getting negligence from your friends, family or either at workplace is quite common for the short people . Thinking there is nothing you can do ? instead of blaming your gene for your shorter height why not to give it a try for once.

Although genetic factors accounts for 60-80% of final height but you still have 40-20% in your hands. In human body pituitary gland secrets HGH (human growth hormone ) that is responsible for bone growth, metabolism of fat. And this HGH hormone is adversely affected by today’s environmental factors such as diet nutrition and physical activeness.

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People generally think that they stop growing taller past 18 .There are certain things that can maximize your potential growth and add couple of inches to your height even after 18.

Proper nutrition

Food is fuel for your body to grow and giving your body right fuel for improving the body growth function is one of the easiest way to get height. Increased circulation, higher metabolic rates, stronger bones – these all are by-products of eating right.

Include: Milk , lean meats , leafy veggies , nuts , fresh fruits ,whole grains , Proteins.

Avoid: sugar, trans-fats , saturated fats.

Regular exercise and yoga

Any physical activity that involves jumping, running or other aerobic activities will definitely result in longer and stronger bones. Yoga also helps a lot regarding the height boost. Some popular poses that will help you out includes.

  • Mountain pose
  • Cobra pose
  • Child’s pose
  • Warrior pose

Hanging exercises

You will be surprised to know when you stand up, body compresses due to our body weight and we have maximum height when we sleep. It is possible to increase the amount of time you stay at full height by doing hanging exercise. it also strengthen lower back and muscles.

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Out in sun

Vitamin D is essential for bone health. Everyone knows that the best source of vitamin D is sun and sunlight is easiest way of absorbing vitamin D. It helps body to absorb calcium into your bones which promotes bone growth and strength. Some other common source of vitamin D includes tuna, fortified milk, egg yolks.

Avoid growth inhibitors

If you are looking to gain some height it’s better to avoid alcohol and smoking, both of them work as inhibitors for height growth. Regular consumption of alcohol has been found to inhibit(stop) growth and effects body’s natural functioning it also adversely affects liver and metabolism rate.

Smoking is always injurious to health. It increases presence of carbon monoxide in bloodstream that limits the
flow of blood and nutrients to the areas that are growing, thus stunting their growth.

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Good posture

A slouched posturer is visibly apparent and makes you seem shorter and less impressive. The correct body posture will ideally help in improving persons height.

Correct posture: chin should be parallel to the floor, shoulders back and spine with slight natural bent at the back.


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