What Is L-Glutamine And How It Is Helpful In Muscle Building

What Is L-Glutamine And How It Is Helpful In Muscle Building

All the gymmer guys and girls if you are motivated towards muscle building here comes the incredible health benefits of L-Glutamine which can minimize the muscle breakdown


All the gymmer guys and girls if you are motivated towards muscle building here comes the incredible health benefits of L-Glutamine which can minimize the muscle breakdown and improve protein metabolism. L-Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in blood stream which makes up 30-35% of the amino acid nitrogen in blood. During the intense workout session the Glutamine levels are greatly depleted in body which decreases strength, stamina and recovery. It could take up to 6 days to return to normal Glutamine level which make it more essential to be add up as supplement to regain its level in body.

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Some common sources of L-Glutamine in regular diet are bone broth, Chinese cabbage, cottage cheese, asparagus, broccoli and wild caught fish (cod, tuna and salmon).

L-Glutamine also helpful in:

  • Promoting digestive and brain health, muscle growth, athletic performance.
  • Helps in fighting cancer and high blood pressure.
  • Play key role in protein synthesis and found in both animal and plant proteins.

Recommended dosage:

For bodybuilders the recommended amount of L-Glutamine is 10-15 gm per day, 2-3 times a day (morning, after workout and night before bed time) with each serving at around 5gm. It is also important to know that we already consume some L-Glutamine from diet and other supplement like protein, so it’s always suggested to read the label to balance your intake.

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Heals Leaky Guts and Improve Immunity:

Leaky guts syndrome are the main cause of auto-immune disease like thyroid issue, arthritis ,skin issue like psoriasis and other serious health problems. Since glutamine is fuel source for cells of small intestine, so helps in healing leaky guts. L-Glutamine also reduces intestinal inflammation and can help people recover from food sensitivity.

L-Glutamine improves energy:

The main role of L-Glutamine in body is to support detoxification. It acts as buffer and convert excess ammonia into amino acid, amino sugar and urea. L-Glutamine cleanses the high level of ammonia from the body. L-Glutamine also benefits athletes by boosting the immune system (T-helper cells). This T-helper cell reduces the stress associated with overtraining syndrome.

L-Glutamine bodybuilding benefits:

During the intense training, body becomes stressed and muscle, tendons requires more glutamine then body normal diet intake. Supplementing body with L-Glutamine allows muscle to fight and push a bit further by boosting strength and helps in repairing skeletal muscle. Whether your goal is to increase athletic performance, boost metabolism, improve recovery or build muscle you just need to do is add Glutamine supplement to your diet.

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L-Glutamine burns fat and boost metabolism:

L-glutamine is also responsible for human growth hormone (HGH) secretion which helps with fat metabolism and new muscle growth. It also helps in building up lean muscle mass; suppress insulin level to stabilize blood glucose level.

Side effects of L-Glutamine:

After reading it all a common question that strikes the mind is side effects. If you are worrying about L-Glutamine side effects. You shouldn’t, because it has found to have no side effects. However like all other supplement too much of it is not good.

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