Simple Tips To Control Your Stress Levels

Simple Tips To Control Your Stress Levels

Stress is an uninvited guest which makes things difficult for you by decreasing your physical and mental ability. Though stress is the thing you can’t control easily but you definitely have a way to reduce it.


Stress is an uninvited guest which makes things difficult for you by decreasing your physical and mental ability. It’s a common problem for everyone, either child or adult no one is out of its effect. Though stress is the thing you can’t control easily but you definitely have a way to reduce it. Here are some ways which can minimize the stress level and make you do your work properly.

Less caffeine intake

People have a big misconception about Caffeine and nicotine that they are helpful in stress reduction, but both of it acts as a stimulants which increase the level of stress rather than reducing it. Therefore cigarettes and alcohols are harmful so it’s better to avoid them to stay stress less.

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Exercise is one of efficient way of stress reduction as it lowers the body stress hormone like cortisol and also releases endorphin which improves mood and act as natural pain killer. Regular exercises also improve the sleep quality and keep you away from anxiety. Activities such as walking, dancing, rock climbing or yoga are very effective in maintaining your stress level low.

Giving time to friends and family

Spending time with friends and family and talking to people is also a great stress reliever. Just a talk can work either distracting you from your stressful thoughts or releasing some tension by discussing it. Spending time with friends and children also help in release of oxytocin which is a natural stress reliever.


You might have heard that laughing is the best therapy and it’s true also. It’s good for your health and also relives stress. Laughing brings more oxygen in body and organs, helps in stimulating, reliving stress hormone and relaxes the body musclesActually it’s hard to feel anxious when you are laughing. A loud laugh can also help in improving your immune system and lifting up mood.

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Listening soothing music

Music imparts a very relaxing effect on the mind and body. It helps in lowering the blood pressure, heart rate as well as stress hormones. The best music which reduces the stress are slow-paced instrumental music, nature sounds, classical, native American and Indian music. Incorporating music with meditation is also beneficial for people who are in stress.

More sleep

The lack of sleep is the biggest cause of the stress. And in this busy life schedule people are minimizing their sleep time without knowing that by it they are inviting unwanted stress. The stress interrupts sleep as the thoughts keep whirling through head. So its better to stop any mental work before an hour of sleep.

Aim for 6-8 hour quality sleep and try to go to the bed roughly at the same time daily so that your mind and body get used to it. Take warm bath, read calming book before you sleep this will help you in giving quality sleep.

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