Prevent Your Hair From Falling - Simple Hair Care Tips

Prevent Your Hair From Falling - Simple Hair Care Tips

Hairs are add up beauty for every girl and women. The girl with beautiful hair can make peoples heart flatter. But today’s pollution and routine are slow poison for our hairs, due to which it’s losing its natural shine and strength.


Hairs are add up beauty for every girl and women. The girl with beautiful  hair can make peoples heart flatter. Not only for girls hair equally matters for guys also. But today’s pollution and routine are slow position for our hairs, due to which it’s losing its natural shine and strength. For beautiful shiny and healthy hair one needs some simple tricks and tips along with some dietary changes. Here are some tips that can bring some massive improvement in just few days.

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Diet for healthy hair

The main part of our hair care includes the type of food we eat, as it provides the main nutrition for hair health. You must include this few things to your diet.

  • Egg the great source of protein which provides nutrition and growth for hairs.
  • Citrus fruits are source of vitamin C, which boost the production of collagen which is essential for strong and healthy hair.
  • Nuts and dry fruits are enriched with omega-3 fatty acids which are good for hair nourishment.
  • Veggies provide iron and vitamins the body which nourishes hair roots and follicles.
  • Whole grains have a wide range of nutrients like iron. Biotin, zinc and vitamin B which plays an important role in growth of hair.

Hair washing

There are certainly few things you might be doing wrong regarding washing your hair. You can easily make your hair look best by just adopting these simple things.

  • Oiling is the most important for healthy hair. By just massaging some coconut oil, olive oil or almond oil on hair and scalp before an hour of shower makes your hair pre-conditioned.
  • Cool and lukewarm water are the best for washing hairs as they close the hair cuticles and retain the moisture.
  • Diluting shampoo with half mug of water and then using it for washing helps hairs in retaining the natural oil and prevent the hair from drying.
  • Massage gently during shampooing your hair in small circular motion. This will prevent hairs from damage and tangling.
  • Conditioned only mid-length of hair by conditioner and wash it after 2 minutes. This will prevent hairs from breaking.

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Hair drying

After stepping out from shower the next task is drying hair. This is also crucial because the way you dry hair is associated with its health.

  • Avoid terrycloth towel for drying your hairs because they increase frizzes and tangles. Using the microfiber towel is best for drying hairs.
  • Avoid blow dry as they damage the hair because of heat. If it’s very essential then blow dry when its 70% dry. These give time to hair cuticle to close up and reduce heat damage.

Brushing hair

Knots and tangles are the major cause of hair fall and proper brushing technique is very important.

  • Detangle during shower with wide toothed comb helps in opening the knots and tangles of hair.
  • Using wide toothed comb or stagger toothed comb is best for removing tangles.
  • Brush downwards is correct way of brushing. Start few inches above the ends and brush downwards.

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 Hair care at night

At night taking care of your hair is as important as in the whole day. It’s batter not to avoid the night care of hair.

  • Tie up hair loosely with a soft elastic band when you are sleeping. To let your hair breath properly during night.
  • Wrap silk scarf on head because the cotton pillow cases are more harsh for your hair and cause breakage.

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