How to lose weight

How to lose weight

How to lose weight..?? Breakfast is supposed to be eaten like king, means a meal rich in proteins,vitamins, fiber and all. If you want to shed some weight it’s really important tohave a good breakfast.


Breakfast the first and most important meal of the day for being healthy and fit. Generally people make a wrong perception that skipping breakfast will help them how to lose weight. But it’s not so, eating a right breakfast keep your energy level up and prevents you from eating too much during the rest of the day.

Breakfast is supposed to be eaten like king, means a meal rich in proteins, vitamins, fiber and all. If you want to shed some weight it’s really important to have a good breakfast. Make sure to start your day right by fueling your body with healthy and nutrition dense foods such as.

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Whole grain foods:

Adding whole grain foods to your breakfast will enrich your body with fibers. As whole grain food has high fiber content and fiber allows to you to feel full keeping the calorie count down. Which finally helps in weight loss.


Eggs, a healthy source of protein and nutrients like vitamin D. Eggs effectively help in reducing the weight if consumed as a breakfast. By giving the feeling of fullness it reduces the calorie intake for the next meal and helps to maintain blood sugar and insulin level steady.

Three large eggs can provide about 18 gm of high quality protein to body. The best way to eat them is boiled so that frying in oil can be avoided.


It’s one of the key ingredient for the effective weight loss. All the fruits are relatively higher in vitamins, potassium, fiber and lower in calories. Which makes it a perfect weight loss breakfast. Fruits are also high in water content and vitamin C, especially the citrus fruits.

Water :

The water is the best, which work as a filler throughout the day and prevent carving for munching. The first thing you must do after getting up in the morning is to drink a glass of water. Having 4-5 Litres of water daily will definitely help in weight loss.

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The calcium content of yogurt helps in promoting the weight loss. The low fat yogurt is good for this purpose. Yogurt and other dairy products can also help with fat control because they help in increasing the hormone level which promotes fullness.

Green tea or Coffee:

Green tea and coffee both can be added in breakfast. They both contain caffeine which provides alertness, good mood along with rising metabolic rate. Green tea provides 35-70 mg of caffeine while coffee has 100 mg of caffeine which burns 79-150 calories in 24hours.

Green tea also contains EGCG antioxidant which protects brain, nervous system and heart. Antioxidant present in coffee helps in reduction of inflammation, diabetes and liver diseases risk.

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Protein shake:

From the various studies protein is found to reduce feeling of hunger, increase metabolic rate that occurs after eating and causes fat burn. Protein is a substance which absorbs quickly in human body. They not only lower the blood sugar level but also preserve muscle mass during the weight loss.

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