How To Gain Weight

How To Gain Weight

How to gain weight..??? If you think you eat a lot but it didn't seem to add up in your weight . Then its right for you to know that being slim and being skinny are two different things. Underweight problem is as bad as overweight.


Being skinny and being slim are different...

The most common question which arises in head of every skinny guy is that How To Gain Weight? If you think you eat a lot but it didn't seem to add up in your weight. If you comfort yourself by saying that it's good to have fast metabolism but actually wish that you could eat and get bigger muscle and weight. Then its right for you to know that being slim and being skinny are two different things. Underweight problem is as bad as overweight.

Underweighted are defind as having a body mass index (BMI) below 18.5 , this is estimated to be less than the body mass needed to sustain optimal health. This person are at risk of osteoporosisinfection,fertility problem and early death. Especially for men those are under weight are at great risk of early death than women.

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Being skinny often makes one appear fragile and unflattering and to avoid it people start taking synthetic drugs ,which can often cause unprecedented harm. The best way to transform body from skinny to perfect structured slim look follow this article to quickly gain weight in healthy way

Eat a lot

It sounds easier than it actually is. If one is not gaining weight it means that your dietary intake is not enough. For gaining the weight in healthy way it's very important to be caloric surplus. Eating a lot is must but make sure most of the calories intake of your body should be loaded with good calorie. If the need is to gain weight slowly and steadily one should have 300-500 calories while to gain weight fast one should aim for 700-1000 calories (Not Recommended for all)


High protein diet cause many extra calories to be turned into muscles but it can reduce hunger and appetite significantly which is a setback in gaining weight. The best protein source are salmon, fish, red meat, eggs etc. One can take the help of Whey protein powders available at market but is important to keep in mind the difference between weight gain powder and protein powders.

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Eat energy dense food

Instead of adding processed food to your diet try to have some energy dense food on your dietary chart . Foods perfect for weight gain are

Nuts - Almonds, walnuts, peanuts.
Dried fruits - Raisins , dates.
High fat dairy - Milk, full fat yogurt , cheese , cream.
Grains - Oats , Brown rice.
Meat - Chicken , pork , lamb ,red meat.
Veggies - Green veggies, potatoes, sweet potatoes.


It is the best way of shaping and toning the body . Because gaining weight is not about putting weight only it's about building the body strength and also be in shape. Combining the regular work out with bench press , dips, pull up , deadlift, squats ,lifting weights are good for muscle build up and gives the best results.

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Having a sound sleep is always good for health . One needs to be getting atleast 7 hours sleep. 8-9 hours sleep is for the maximum gain. Its a best time when body is doing nothing but laying and building muscles.

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Keep track of eating

Its important to have a track of what you are eating in how much amount and what is the required amount for the proper growth.

Don't drink water before meals

Drinking water before meals will definitely decrease the amount of the food intake so it's better to avoid water before eating .

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Don't smoke

Smokers tend to weigh less than non smokers. Smoking effects the body growth so don't smoke when you are ready to bulk up build some muscles and start feeling better about yourself.

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