How To Gain Weight Fast With The Help Of Protein Shakes.

How To Gain Weight Fast With The Help Of Protein Shakes.

People commonly think that they will gain weight by just eating. Do you think it will work? . There are two meaning of weight gain; first is weight gain means increase in the body fat while second is increase in the muscle mass.


Does protein shakes help you to gain weight? 

Today’s health and fitness community doesn’t pay much attention to weight gain because a lot of people are on the mission of weight loss. But weight gain is also as crucial as the weight loss. People commonly think that they will gain weight by just eating. Do you think it will work?

There are two meaning of weight gain; first is weight gain means increase in the body fat while second is increase in the muscle mass. I am sure you are also among those who chose the second one. You will gain more fat if you eat indiscriminately, but for the muscle mass the better option is the combination of healthy, balanced diet along with careful use of protein shakes.

How protein works?

Protein plays an important role in muscle growth and effectively helps in the weight gain. Combining your protein shake with exercise is the best way to achieve your target. Exercise means damaging the muscle and then protein starts working by healing the muscle and allowing them to grow. There are basically three protein supplements and you need to be careful while choosing among them.

Concentrate protein: concentrate proteins have a high biological value and 75% - 80% pure protein by weight. It’s contains are high in fat and lactose. They are cheapest among all 3.

Isolate protein: On other hand isolate protein are 90% pure proteins by weight. These have zero carbohydrates, fat and lactose. These are expensive too.

Blend protein: From the name it’s pretty common that its combination of both. It’s always advised to consult your trainer or nutritionist before heading out to get one.

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What will make it work effectively for weight gain?

  • Plan:

Having a plan always helps in achieving your target in all aspects of life. This works here too. For gaining the weight you need to know how many calories your daily shake should contain. Consumption of 500 extra calories per day will lead to weight gain of one pound per week. Keep in mind that weekly weight gain of 1-2 pound is safe. Plan accordingly and add adequate amount of protein to your shake.

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  • Exercise:

The healthiest way of gaining the weight is putting some lean mass then just adding fat. The best way to achieve it is regular strength training. This not only burns calories and help in weight loss it also help you to have lean muscle by preventing body from putting it all as fat. Strength training two or three times per week is worth along with protein intake for weight gain.

  • Balanced diet:

Balanced and nutritious diet from every main food group is important for weight loss. Though it’s tempting when you see cake, cookies, steaks and other high calorie, high fat food in front of you but avoiding such food is good for you. They may throw off your metabolism and rob a much of vitamins and minerals from your body. You can also add some healthy extra calorie to your diet with nuts, bananas, protein powder, yogurt or milk.

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  • Don’t replace:

It’s not at all justifiable to use your supplements to replace your meals. They are meant to compliment not replacement. Although it is not possible to have all ideal amount of proteins through food so adding protein shakes is more continent way of building muscle mass.

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