How To Breathe Properly During Workout, Running And Cardio

How To Breathe Properly During Workout, Running And Cardio

The pattern of breathing put important impact on the quantity of cardio and amount of weight you can push, pull or squat. People may commonly hear about not holding breath during workout.


The pattern of breathing put important impact on the quantity of cardio and amount of weight you can push, pull or squat. People may commonly hear about not holding breath during workout. But in reality you need to control your breath for peak performance in workouts and when it comes to breathing one method can’t fit in all workouts. You need different breathing pattern for different one.


Here are some patents for common workouts:-

Breathing while running:

Pace, cadence and other forms of running plays important role in workout but without the right breathing technique your running track become much shorter than you want it to be. To make your running efficient one need to work on breath.

  • Try inhaling for 3-4 steps and then exhale for 3-4 steps.
  • Try to coincide your foot strike with beginning of your exhale. Keeping 3:2 breath

Breathing for long helps to breathe deeper and take more oxygen in the body.

Breathing during cardio:

There are several breathing patterns suggested by experts during the cardio the best among them are.

  •  Instead of breathing in an even pattern try inhaling for 3 seconds and then exhale for two seconds.
  • Continuous breathing is also effective for cardio.

Continuous breathing helps to increase nitric oxide, which play an important role in relaxing arteries and keeps the blood flow.

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During weight lifting:

Lifts helps you to tighten the core muscle and maintain the proper form, the Valsalva maneuver (hitting heavy weight) briefly increase the blood pressure so the person having any cardiovascular problem should avoid it. The breathing strategy for lifts involves.

  • Inhale on the less strenuous phase of the exercise, and exhale on the more demanding phase of the exercise.
  • Inhale on the easy part. Hold your breath for just a short second as you approach the hardest part of the exercise ("sticking point"), and once you've completed it, you exhale per usual.

Breathing For Basics:

If you are new in strength training or training in lighter rep range then breathing technique will allow use of some stabilizing properties of inhale without creating big pressure spike.

  • Inhale before beginning the lift, and then slowly exhale through the lift through pressed lips.

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Breath during stretching:

Deep inhaling during stretching relaxes muscle so you can get better stretch and reduce the risk of pulling muscle or anything.

  • Inhale deeply and then exhale will follow naturally.

During recovery:

Whenever you finish squat and start huffing and puffing that is all because the body needs oxygen to replete its energy stores. The best way for supply of oxygen Diaphragmatic breathing is best in between the sets of exercise. Diaphragmatic breathing allows lungs and muscle to get more oxygen per breath so you can hit your next exercise hard.

  • Focus on filling and emptying your abdomen with each breath rather than raising and lowering your chest.

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