How Much Protein Do We Really Need Daily For Muscle Building

How Much Protein Do We Really Need Daily For Muscle Building

Proteins and muscles are closely inter-linked with each other. As protein is the maincomponent for building the muscle. The health conscious people generally opt for a highprotein diet plan.


Proteins and muscles are closely inter-linked with each other. As protein is the main component for building the muscle. The health conscious people generally opt for a high protein diet plan. Even people who aren’t on so called diet are generally try to eat more lean mass, nuts, seeds and low fat dairy for boosting their metabolism, weight loss and build muscle.

Basically proteins are molecule which contains amino acid and for Building of muscle protein requires a variety of amino acids. When we consume foods containing proteins our body breaks this protein molecule into amino acid and use this amino acid to build its own protein for muscle building. If you decrease the amount of protein intake, your body can be amino acid deficient and muscle growth becomes impaired.

The main confusion comes down when it comes to amount of protein needed for body. There are lots of illusions about the protein requirement. The most common target people typically hear is 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight.

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Protein requirement:

There are different requirements of protein for different people.And it’s important to be conscious about your intake requirement.


The performance seeking athletes requires 1.6 to 2.2 gm. of protein per kilogram of body weight. Some think that the intake of 2.2 gm per kg protein is too high but it’s not so and not at all harmful. There is also some misunderstanding regarding eating excessive protein is harmful for kidney but it’s a myth, only those who already have kidney issue face such problems.

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Healthy adults:

For the people of 52-75 age groups the healthy recommended amount is 1.5 gmprotein per kilogram of body weight.

For Gym Goer Teens:   

Protein is not only important for gym goers if you are one of those who do good amount of physical activity daily then you need atleast 1.3 to 1.8 gm of protein per Kg daily. So Please keep a track of your protein intake.

Other factors that matters:

Protein also has some other factors except amount which impacts when you are consuming it in your diet. These also play important roles for muscle build up in body.

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Type of protein:

There are different forms of protein which works differently like they digest at different speed, have different protein utilization rate by body. Like beef protein, digest quickly and net protein utilization (NPU) is 70-80%, which make it ideal for post workout consumption. Whereas egg protein has much slower rate of digestion and its NPU is 90%, but it has a great amino acid profile.

Vegetarian’s though had a little problem, because the forms of vegetable proteins are lower in certain amino acids and doesn’t provide body with all the essential amino acids. For vegetarians high protein grains, vegetables like peas are recommended.

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Timing of intake:

Along with the quantity and type of protein the timing of the protein intake is also important and people need to pay attention regarding it too.

  • Spreading your daily protein intake across meals is found to be more beneficial for building muscles. Like decent amount of protein in breakfast, some protein at lunch and excessive protein at dinner.
  • Having protein before and after workouts also matters and helps in gaining more muscle mass.
  • Taking protein before bed is one of the good choice. Though it not prevents muscle break down but it aid to muscle repair.

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