Health benefits of peanut butter

Health benefits of peanut butter

Peanut butter, A delicious spread and favorite food choice for many. But many few knows that along with promoting the flat belly it does a lot for body.If you are a peanut lover then you should definitely go through its benefits once.


Peanut butter, A delicious spread and favourite food choice for many. But many few knows that along with promoting the flat belly it does a lot for body. It’s a healthy mono-saturated fathighly nutritious and excellent weight loss diet.

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If you are a peanut lover then you should definitely go through its benefits once.

1. Weight loss

Nuts are very effective in weight loss as it’s enriched with fibers and proteins. It helps in feeling full for longer time and finally results in less calorie intake through the day. It works on the theory of “less you eat the more you shed the weight” but its consumption should be limited to obtain your goal.

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2. Good fat

As we all know good fat is very important for our body and If you want to have good fat then the peanut butter is the best choice as it has heart healthy mono-saturated fats. It’s also well known for putting up less belly fat and helps to gain weight for the skinny people. Don’t ever go for the label of reduced fat peanut butter, because it’s a waste of money all of them almost have same calories.

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3. Nutrition and energy booster

Peanut butter has powerful antioxidant vitamin E of about 3mg in a serving along with 49 mg of magnesium which is good for bone health. The muscle friendly potassium and immune boosting vitamin B6 make it a full of nutritious food. Protein, fiber and healthy fat content of peanut butter give instant energy boost for the day. It also helps in keeping the blood sugar stable that overall make you more energetic and less tired in daily routine.

4. Reduce diabetes risk

Peanut butter is actually beneficial for diabetic people. As about 2 tablespoons of peanut butter five days a week can lower the risk of diabetes by 30%. Isn’t its amazing.

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5. Healthy muscles and nerves

The high magnesium content of peanut butter is beneficial in many respects. It assist in body temperature regulation, detoxification, energy production, strong bone formation and healthy nerve system.

6. Brain health

Peanut butter also add to the brain health because the nuts have the excellent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory property which helps in the reduction of the stress. On the other hand beta-sitosterol also normalizes the high cholesterol level and balances them during the stress period. The mono-saturated fat found in the nuts and olive oil act as the protectants for brain health and function.

7. Bone health

Peanuts mono and poly-saturated fats helps in absorption of the important vitamins like vitamin E, K by the body. This both vitamins are important for many body functions. Vitamin K are essential for blood clotting, transport of calcium an ultimately the bone health. Vitamin E helps in protecting from eye disorder like cataract and neurological disorder like Alzheimer and diabetes.

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What to look when buying peanut butter

Almost every pack of peanut butter has the same caloric content and it’s a big problem how to select the best one among them. So here is the best strategy for you just look for this ingredient in your pack.

Sodium: Counts can range from 40 mg to 250 mg per 2-tablespoon serving.
Sugar: Save a few calories by choosing an unsweetened brand.

Note: It should only contain peanuts or roasted peanuts.

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