Health Benefits of Yogurt That Everyone Should Know

Health Benefits of Yogurt That Everyone Should Know

One of the most common words you will be hearing in relation to yogurt is “probiotics”. But do you know what it actually means? The literary meaning of “probiotic” is “for life” which refers to living organisms


One of the most common words you will be hearing in relation to yogurt is “probiotics”. But do you know what it actually means? The literary meaning of “probiotic” is “for life” which refers to living organisms that can result in health benefits when eaten in adequate amounts. Yogurt is made using active good bacteria. It’s very nutritious and regular consumption of it may boost several aspects of health.

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Yogurt is very useful for reducing heart diseases risk, osteoporosis and also for weight management. This article comprises of many health benefits of natural yogurt.

1.Rich in nutrients:

Yogurt is known for its rich calcium and mineral values that helps for healthy teeth and bones. Its vitamin B12 and riboflavin protects against heart diseases and neural tube birth defects. Everyone knows well that nutrition plays an important role for health but it also helps in prevention of osteoporosis. The micronutrients like calcium and vitamin D promotes bone and immune system health. The phosphorus, magnesium, potassium content of yogurt is essential for regulation of several biological processes such us blood pressure etc.

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2.Promotes weight management:

Yogurt is one of those ingredients which are helpful in weight management. Its high protein content works along with calcium to increase levels of appetite-reducing hormones like peptide YY and GLP-1Yogurt promotes felling of fullness and overall improve your diet both of this are helpful for the weight management.

3.High protein:

Protein supports metabolism by increasing your energy expenditure or the amount of calorie burnt throughout the day. Yogurt has sufficient proteins which are needed for appetite regulation by increasing the hormone that signals fullness. Yogurt automatically reduces your calorie intake and helps in weight control too.

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4.Good for digestive health:

Yogurt is probiotic means it contains live bacteria which benefits digestive health. Our body needs to have a healthy amount of "good" bacteria in the digestive tract and yogurt is good source of it. Probiotic may also protect against antibiotic-associated diarrhea, as well as constipationTo ensure the yogurt you are consuming contains effective probiotic effect, look for the one that contains live, active cultures which is listed on label. Bifidobacteria and Lactobacillus are the probiotic found in yogurt which reduces the uncomfortable symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.

5.Strengthen the immune system:

Yogurt containing probiotic strengthen the immune system and reduce the likelihood of contracting an illness. The probiotics present in yogurt reduces inflammation linked to several health conditions of viral infection, gut disorder and duration and severity of common cold. The immune enhancing property of yogurt is partially due to magnesium, selenium and zinc which are trace minerals for immune health. Vitamin D content of yogurt also boosts immune health and helps in prevention of common cold and flu.

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