Harmful Effects Of Pizza - Stop Eating It Now

Harmful Effects Of Pizza - Stop Eating It Now

Pizza is our new friend of hunger and very common option of everyone. But is pizza unhealthy? Yes, though it appears to be healthy with all dietary requirements such as dairy products, veggies.


Pizza is our new friend of hunger and very common option of everyone. But is pizza unhealthy? Yes, though it appears to be healthy with all dietary requirements such as dairy products, veggies, meats and it’s backed which makes illusion of it to be healthy. But it’s not so the fast food you love to eat is made up of refined flour and contains a lot of sodium which is not good for health.

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Ideally one should enjoy pizza not more then 3 or 4 time a month. Limiting your fast food eating habit can keep you away from many health issues; this helps you to live fit and long. This article contains some harmful effect of pizza you should know:-

1. Acidity

Pizza can cause acidity as the most of the pizza has the tomato sauce as the main ingredient which is not safe for those who suffer from acid reflux. The most of people who eat pizza in place of their lunch or dinner mostly suffers from the acidity.

2. High glycemic index

The pizza is made from the refined flour and due to absence of fibers it has high glycemic indexWhich have an adverse effect on blood glucose level. The white flour used in pizza also has less nutrient content than whole grain flour and its consumption contributes to weight gain, low nutrition, increased stored abdominal fat and type 2 diabetes too.

3. High in fat, salt and calories

The higher value of calories and fat is considered as the unhealthy. The most of the pizza you eat today are high count of fat, calories and salt than actually required. Its nearly double in the value than a normal adult requires. The two slice of pizza typically contains about 600 calories.

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4. Unhealthy processed foods

The processed foods always have less nutritional values than the fresh foods. The flour, meat, mushrooms and the other ingredient of the pizza is generally processed and unhealthy. Even tomato sauce used in it is made of several processed ingredient which completely neutralize the fresh tomatoes benefits. The preservatives are another harmful ingredient of pizza which has several adverse effects on your health.

5. Risk of heart diseases

You won’t believe the pizza which satisfies your test bud and give you the felling of fullness can also lead to some serious heart problems. The excess consumption of pizza drastically increases the blood cholesterol level which is the cause of heart diseases. Its toppings like pepperoni and meat also add up extra cholesterol, salt and nitrates which can cause cancer too. Your pizza can also pull you in the list of obsessed people.

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