Does Whey Protein Have Any Side Effects

Does Whey Protein Have Any Side Effects

You might often hearing about Whey protein these days. Whey protein is one of the most popular fitness and dietary supplement.Some major side effect of whey protein are discussed in this article so before making whey protein a part of your diet just check


You might often hearing about Whey protein these days. Whey protein is one of the most popular fitness and dietary supplement. It helps in recovering from exercise, build muscle and strength by reducing appetite and boosting metabolism. Because of this it has become the popular choice of athletes, fitness world people.

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The whey protein is made from whey which is basically a liquid separated from milk during cheese making process. This protein supplement helps in building muscles, strength and even helpful in weight loss. But there are some side effects of this protein when taken in high quantity. It may cause some severe damage to the kidney, liver and can also cause osteoporosisSome major side effect of whey protein are discussed in this article so before making whey protein a part of your diet just check it out once.

1. Digestive issues

The one of the major side effect of whey protein is related to digestion system. The main content of whey protein is lactose and the person who has lactose intolerance is not able to produce the enzyme lactase which digests the lactose. This cause many digestion related problem.

2. Allergy problem

As the whey protein is the by product of cow’s milk which is allergic to many people. So the people who are allergic to dairy product should avoid whey protein intake. If one notice hives, rashes, facial swelling, throat and tongue swelling and stuffy nose should also reconsider it’s taking by proper medical checkup.

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3. Constipation and nutritional deficiencies

Sometimes due to lactose intolerance constipation is caused. Especially people in low-carb diet suffer this problem. One can solve this problem by eating more and more fruits and veggiesEven the nutritional deficiency is caused when one totally replaces the whole food with whey protein. One should always have in mind that Supplementation can never replace food. With balanced diet is the best way to overcome the problem.

4. Kidney damage

There is a big misconception about it because there is no such evidence that too much protein can damage the kidney of healthy person. Though the higher amount of protein causes the rise in the pressure inside the kidney and lead to more blood filtration than usual.

5. Liver damage

It’s not completely certified that whey protein cause liver damage. In fact the repair of the liver requires the protein. And the liver helps in the detoxification harmful substance in blood like ammonia which is by-product of protein metabolism.

6. Cause osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is the disease related to hollow and porous bones. And protein is found to cause calcium to leach from the bones and increase the risk of osteoporosisHowever it has found that body counters the effect of calcium loss of bones by increasing the absorption of gut. So taking the whey protein in a definite amount will never cause such problems.

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Safe amount of whey protein:

The safe dose of whey protein is 1-2 scoops or 25-50 grams per day. But it’s also recommended to follow the serving instruction provided in the package.

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