6 Most Harmful Effects Of Smoking On Our Body.

6 Most Harmful Effects Of Smoking On Our Body.

Are you also in the group of people who smoke so frequently? And you are thinking replacing your cigarette with cigar, pipe or hookah will help you to avoid health risk of smoking. Then you are going wrong.


Are you also in the group of people who smoke so frequently? And you are thinking replacing your cigarette with cigar, pipe or hookah will help you to avoid health risk of smoking. Then you are going wrong. Tobacco is a silent killer and it will always harm you irrespective of your medium of intake. All the substance it contains from acetone, tar to nicotine and carbon monoxide they aren’t safe at all. The substance you inhale will not only affect your lungs but it will also adversely affect the entire body.

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You may not see the effects of smoking immediately but the complication and damage can last for years. It’s good that, there are both short and long term benefits of quitting smoking science it can reverse many effects. We all know quitting smoking is difficult but finding a way to quit is most important for living longer and happier life. There are doctors, medication that can help you to come out of this bad habit.

Here are some ill effects of smoking that can destroy your body system:

1.Respiratory system damage

Smoking has a bad impact on respiratory system. The substance you are inhaling through your cigarette damage your lungs and irritate your wind pipe and voice box. It can also worsen asthma. People who smoke are at higher risk of chronic non-reversible lung conditions like emphysema, chronic bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease(COPD), lung cancer etc.

2.Cardiovascular system damage

Nicotine present in tobacco can tighten the blood vessel, restrict the blood flow and ultimately damage the entire cardiovascular system. Smoking also raises blood pressureweakens blood vessel walls and put you to the risk of heart stroke. Over time smoking can cause peripheral artery disease too.

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3.Digestive system damage

Smokers generally have higher risk of mouth, throat, larynx and esophagus cancer. Not only are those who smoke but also who inhale at risk. Smoking develops insulin resistance and effect insulin level of body. This will put you to the risk of diabetes.

4.Reproduction system

Nicotine is harmful for the men and women as it affects the blood flow to the genital areas. It can decrease sexual performance and result in sexual dissatisfaction.

For men, smoking increases the risk of:

  • Lower sperm count and
  • Higher percentage of deformed sperm.
  • Genetic damage to sperm.
  • Impotence caused by the decreased circulation of blood.

For women, smoking causes:

  • Decrease in fertility.
  • Irregularities of the menstrual cycle.
  • Earlier menopause.

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5.Central nerve system

Tobacco contains nicotine which is extremely habit forming. It reaches the brain in seconds and provides you short time pleasure but as soon as its effect wears off it will make more tired and carve more. It’s a mood altering drug and hazardous for the nerve system.

6.Affect skin, hair and nails

Smoking not only damage our main body system it put a harmful impact on skin, hair and nails too. It changes the structure of skin and increase the risk of skin cancer. Finger and toenails also have the chance to receive fungal infections. The hair loss, balding, and graying is also caused because of the excessive smoking habit.

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