5 Best Exercises For Muscle Building

5 Best Exercises For Muscle Building

Want to gain some muscle mass. So if you are serious about carving muscle mass then his article has a lot for you just go through it once to know best 5 exercises you must include in your workout sessions for muscle building.


Are you admirent of muscular body and tired of scrambling from machine to machine without any desired result? Then it’s a high time for you to include some compound exercises in your workout routine. Exercise machines aren’t completely arbitrary. They are excellent compliment for heavy compound movement and are great for pre exhausting and isolating muscle groupsIt’s always a wise decision to balance compound mass movements and machine exercise to prevent you from overtraining or under growing.

So if you are serious about carving muscle mass then his article has a lot for you just go through it once to know best 5 exercises you must include in your workout sessions for muscle building.

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1. Squats

The squats are the most recommended exercise for legs. It not only incorporates the entire lower body but also helps in releasing natural burst of anabolic hormone. Squats are physical demanding exercise which helps in muscle building by stimulating muscle recruitment and appetite.

While performing you must keep in mind:

  • Always start with warm up by weight with which you are comfortable enough.
  • Arch your back from the time you pick up the weight to time you rack it.
  • Use the proper technique to perform squat. Keep your lags about shoulder width apart and eyes pointing straight ahead.

2. Deadlifts

It’s the most effective workout to target your back. One can have a decent set of lifting reps to ensure full back exhaustion. The best part of deadlift is, it can be done any time in the entire workout session but choosing it for the later workout slot can work more effectively. The deadlifts is considered as the most powerful exercise for stimulating growth hormone release. It can be done to achieve overall strength and building thickness in lower portion of your back.

While preforming you must keep in mind:

  • Go for the comfortable weight and keep your feet shoulder width apart with toes pointing forward.
  • Squat down until your shins are touching the barbell. Keep hips in natural position keeping eyes looking straight forward.
  • While bar is just near about the knee, concentrate on contracting the back to pull shoulder blades back.

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 3. Bench press

The muscles are defend as the basic foundation of the physique and bench press counts in the best mass building exercise for the chest.

While performing you must keep in mind:

  • Elbows should go about 5 degrees out from the body during the movement..
  • Concentrate on squeezing the chest to explode the weight.
  • Avoid throwing the weight up instead push it with your chest muscles.

4. Weighted dips

Triceps makes about two third of the arm and If you want sleeve busting arms it’s impossible to neglect weighted triceps dips. It’s one of the quickest ways to achieve bigger arm muscles

While performing you must keep in mind:

  • Selection of the weight is important to maintain good form.
  • To keep more tension on the triceps keep your elbows in instead of flaring it out.
  • Keep your core engaged and abs tightened throughout the movement.

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5. Military press

Last but not the least military press is the best one for getting wide and thick look for your top. It hits all the three shoulders the anterior, medial and rear deltoids.

While performing you must keep in mind:

  • Use the same width as that you use in bench press.
  • Keep your forearms in a straight line as the bar rises over your head.
  • Tighten your core as you press.

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