5 Best Exercises For Bigger Shoulders

5 Best Exercises For Bigger Shoulders

The entire men world especially gymming cadets knows the importance of shoulder development and they can never ignore that. The boulder shoulder gives your body the illustrious X-frame look isn’t that perfectly awesome.


 The entire men world especially gymming cadets knows the importance of shoulder development and they can never ignore that. The boulder shoulder gives your body the illustrious X-frame look isn’t that perfectly awesome. A well-developed shoulder can really set off physiques that grab people’s attention. Naturally having a broad clavicle is one thing, but what about the guys with small frame? Is it possible for them to build boulder shoulder? Can they get the X-frame physique? The answer is off course, you just need to do it in the right way. For the best approach to pump up your top here is the collection of some best exercises, their benefits and technique.

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1.Lateral raise

Lateral raise is the on best suited to get the perfect bigger shoulder. These are perfect for isolating the medial part of deltoid. They are commonly done with lighter weight and higher reps. the best thing is to focus on contracting lateral head rather than waving the dumbbells.

How to do:

  •  Pick the pair of dumbbells and stand with them by your sides, palms facing your body.
  •  Keep your upper body still; lift the dumbbells out your side with a slight bend at your elbows.
  •  Lift them until your arms are parallel to the floor then slowly lower to the start position.

 2.Seated dumbbell shoulder press

When your delts are pre-exhausted and you are ready to take your workout to the next level then it’s time to go for seated dumbbell shoulder press. The sitting position helps to isolate the shoulder motion. You can also bring them nice and low to get full range of motion.

How to do:

  •  Sit on bench holding the dumbbells at shoulder height with an overhand grip.
  •  Press the weight up above head until arms are fully extended.
  •  Return back to the start position.

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3. Standing barbell press

This exercise is an overall mass builder exercise. This is really good for strengthening your core and increasing overall strength due to stability of this movement.

For the better result after completion of your first set of 10-12 reps. Load the bar to the maximum weight you can handle for 4-6 reps.

How to do:

  •  Hold the barbell and bring it to the shoulder height with palms facing forwards.
  •  Set your feet shoulder width apart and slightly bend knees to initiate the move.
  •  Push up your legs to press the barbell straight above your head.
  •  Return back to start position.

4. Seated bent over rear delt fly

The lateral rise variant of the rear delt fly make both shoulders and back work. It is one of the best exercises for targeting the posterior deltoid to give you a bigger shoulder. For more focus try placing bench at 45 degrees and perform this movements lying face down on it.

How to do:

  •  Sit down, lean forward and hold a dumbbell in either hand so that they are resting above your feet.
  •  Stay bent forward as you raise your arms to the side, lining the dumbbells with your shoulders.
  •  Bring the weights back down and repeat.

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5. Arnold press

Arnold press is ideal for targeting the anterior deltoids which is the front bit of your shoulder. This conventional press will definitely help to make your dream shoulder.

How to do:

  •  Sit on the bench with dumbbells held in front of you, palm facing your shoulders.
  •  Push the dumbbells up over your head, rotating your arms until your palm face away from you.
  •  Straight your arms , pause for sec and then reverse.

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