5 Best Exercise For  A Wider Back

5 Best Exercise For A Wider Back

The four muscle groups that make up the bulk of the back are Trapezius, Rhomboids, Latissimus dorsi, and Erector spinae. This can be developed by emphasizing more on compound movement


Lots of guys work on building bigger and better proportioned back. The first thought that popup on the beginner mind is, what it takes to build a back that makes people say “wow…”. Like other most major muscle groups it also takes intense workout to make your back stand out.

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The four muscle groups that make up the bulk of the back are Trapezius, Rhomboids, Latissimus dorsi, and Erector spinae. This can be developed by emphasizing more on compound movement and heavy lifting. The common mistakes people generally make are;

  • They focus too much on the machines and isolation exercise which are of secondary importance.
  • They focus more on high-rep training which stops the growth of major back muscle group in the body.

The 5 most effective back exercises which will help you out for powerful wider back are stated below. Try this out to make yourself attractive.

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1. Deadlift

Deadlift are the core of the weightlifting program, which imparts strength and mass. At first glance people are generally afraid because they think lifting hundreds of pounds off the ground means putting all that pressure on back and erector spine muscle which is dangerous. But actually they are wrong with right posture its fantastic way to build muscle and prevent injury.

2. Straight arm Lat pull-down

This exercise is very important as it captures the lats muscle function. The lats brings the upper arm bone down and back. Keep a light bend in elbows, but don’t change your torso angle. The motion should come from the shoulder joint. During the top movement you should feel an intense starch in lats and bottom movement push your chest through.

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3. Barbell row

This type of exercise is preferred most for the development of back because it allows the full range workout of your back. It works everything from erector spinae up to the traps. It gives a flawless back muscle to flaunt.

4. Lat pull-down (wide and close-grip)

This is relatively differs from a regular lat pull-down because you are going to set facing away from the weight. This is machine variant of the pull-up that allows you to work in given rep ranges more easily.

How to do:

  • Instead of putting knees under pads, wedge your butt beneath them.
  • Keep lower back flat against them.
  • Take out all extra motion and keep lats totally isolated.
  • Focus on stretch and pull the bar to your chest.

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5. Seated cable row (wide and close grip)

Seated cable row is another row which is most efficient for building upper back. Adding this to work out will definitely provides you the good result.

How to do:

  • Get body in extended position by full stretch allow your lats to stretch forward.
  • On back way the back should not go beyond 90 degree angle.
  • Pull hard with elbows.
  • Keep your chest high during all the back movement.

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