10 Workout Tips From Arnold Schwarzenegger That Everyone Should Follow

10 Workout Tips From Arnold Schwarzenegger That Everyone Should Follow

There is no one who don’t know the Arnold Schwarzenegger, from the world of Hollywood to the world of bodybuilding everyone is aware of his personality and achievements


There is no one who don’t know the Arnold Schwarzenegger, from the world of Hollywood to the world of bodybuilding everyone is aware of his personality and achievements. This article is guide for those who want a good physique . Here are Arnold's 10 tips that will definitely help you out to grow and make your dream come true.

Training hard was as important as training smart. “to get big you have to get strong” .

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1. Choose best exercise for growth

If you are focusing more on single joint movements you are definitely wasting time. Instead of them favor the multijoint ones as they require the several muscles group to work in coordination. Exercise like squat, deadlift, bench press, overhead press will help more for growth. Arnold believed that performing these moves and challenging yourself with heavy weights is most crucial component of gaining strength and size.

2. Don’t get comfortable with a routine

Arnold did his homework when it comes to planning his training sessions. If he found an exercise was no longer producing gains .He’d switch it for another one. Doing same workout for too long without any significant change, its value will fall over time and it won’t give you desired result. So don’t ever afraid to experiment with new exercise or alternative training sessions to become bigger and better.

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3. Overhead presses

When it’s about shoulders the multijoint movements like presses and upright rows are best mass builder, since they engage the greatest degree of deltoid musculature. According to Arnold for the complete development one must work out both front and behind presses early in workout when energy level is highest.

4. Mass buildup with barbell curl

For building mass Arnold prefer standing barbell curl. He probably chooses the exercises which allow him to push heavy weight and let him achieve full range of motion. Building up the biceps into mountain 6-8 heavy reps can give efficient result.

5. Experiment with strong body part

Arnold believes that doing more with your strong body part will increase your efficiency. For him his chest and triceps were particularly stronger body part so he allowed his reps to drift up to 20 per set which hyper pump his muscles.

6. Add hamstring exercise

Hamstring strength is an essential part that concerns about reducing the risk of knee injuries, which can occur when the strength of the quads overpower the strength of the hamstring. Though hammies get worked during the basic leg press and squat movements, Arnold still says that one should need to do exercise that directly target this area. Deadlifts are a great total-body movement and single-joint leg curls, Romanian deadlifts also focus on the rear thighs.

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7. Train ABS indirectly

Arnold's approach of training ABS simply contains few moves that he did use to do for really high reps. He plan his whole training in that intensive way ,he didn’t even need to train his ABS at all.

8. Build strength

Building strength is very important to build size. Arnold discovered that “with foundation of strength gain in size comes easily.” So focus on building the strength to have size.

9. Vary pull ups and pull downs

Arnold divides his back training in 2 types of movement pull ups and pull-downs for width and rows for overall thickness. He used to do underhand- grip chin ups and pull ups with or without added weight and varies pull-downs by bringing the bar behind his head and other time to his chest. To maximize result during training keep the variation in workouts.

10. Multiple way to do the same movement

Small varied movement makes the target musculature work in slightly different ways which allows the greater overall stimulus. So better to adopt multiple ways to do your same workout movement and get your result.

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