How cucumber helps in fat loss

How cucumber helps in fat loss

It’s the summer time and probably every home’s fridge is having this refreshing summer meal. It’s juicy, crunchy cucumbers with zero fat, low calorie, negligible sugar, many minerals and vitamins (like A, C and K).


 It’s the summer time and probably every home’s fridge is having this refreshing summer meal. It’s juicy, crunchy cucumbers with zero fat, low calorie, negligible sugar, many minerals and vitamins (like A, C and K). The rich dietary fiber and 95% water content makes it a perfect diet food and filling snack.

To fight the “spare tire” and “belly fat” you definitely need something which is low fat as well as low calorie diet. The cucumber is the one that can potentially save you from health risk like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, high BP and even cancer, just by keeping your body away from fat. Some benefits of having cucumber are:-

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 Fat free energy source

The fact that body loses the fat depends on mainly carb and fat intake of a person. Cucumber has zero fat and extremely low calorie just 16 per cup. This can be a fat free source of energy. When you eat less calorie through out the day, based on cucumber diet. You can effectively cut down the excess body fat and lose weight.

Detoxes and reduces bloating

Cucumbers are rich source of water and dietary fiber which act as most effective in cleaning the harmful toxins of body. Even cucumber seed act as a diuretic helps in passing urine and flushing out excess water and toxins. Thus promotes good digestion and helps to reduce bloating and tighten your stomach muscle.

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 Lowers the cholesterol and blood glucose

Excess belly fat is directly associated with the higher risk of diabetes. The ethanol extract present in cucumber helps in keeping your sugar level in check by reducing the blood glucose level and lower the risk of diabetes. Cucumber is also found to improve the good cholesterol level in body by lowering LDL and decreasing triglycerides.

 Helps during constipation

The high water and fiber content is remedy for all kind of indigestion problem. A diet containing raw cucumber helps in keeping the gut clean and free from constipation problem.

 Skin care

Though it’s not related fat loss but cucumber is a fantastic natural skin care product. It is rich in vitamin C and vitamin B which can instantly make your skin glow and helps in clear visibility too.

Cucumber diet plan

If one strictly follows the cucumber diet plan for just 3 day they will surely going to see the change itself. Cucumber diet can help in weight loss of about 2 kg. in a week.

For breakfast: 1 bowl of cucumber salad, 1 cup of tea, and a toast of wheat bread with jam.
For lunch: Egg toast or chicken breast with bread, a bowl of cucumber salad.
For dinner: Only salad, this is standard format for the cucumber diet.

In this diet plan you can also introduce some other food according to your choice but always insure that they do not add extra calories to your meal.

Best way to consume cucumber for fat reduction

  •  You can have cucumber juice to reduce belly fat.
  •  You can also have cucumber salad.

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