How To Reduce Belly Fat

How To Reduce Belly Fat

How To Reduce Belly Fat .??? Almost all of us have extra belly fat. Many have experienced the frustration of shading belly fat and still not seeing any improvement in their stomach. We all know it’s tough to stay motivated when you don’t see the r


Almost all of us have extra belly fat. Many have experienced the frustration of shading belly fat and still not seeing any improvement in their stomach. We all know it’s tough to stay motivated when you don’t see the result. This article contains the basics of how to reduce belly fat fast and get flat and sexy stomach you have always wished for.

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Fat inside the belly area is also termed as visceral fat. Belly fat particularly waist circumference are linked to heart diseases, diabetes, increase cholesterol and bunch of other health problem.

Here are some effective tips for losing belly fat.

1.Add plenty of soluble fiber to diet.

There is a direct link to adding more fiber into your diet and the reduction of abdominal or belly fatBut not all fibers only soluble fiber absorbs water which forms gel and helps to slow down food when it pass through digestive system. Consume as much as high fiber foods to get result.

Common source: Flaxseeds, sprouts, avocados, beans, vegetables and fruits.

2.Avoid sugary foods and cut carbohydrates.

Doing sugar detox is one of the quickest ways to lose overall fat which certainly help to reduce belly fat . It’s important to keep in mind not only refined sugar but also the healthier sugar also increase belly fat. It’s also beneficial to minimize the carbohydrates intake for getting rid of belly fat.

3.Reduce stress levels.

Stress is one other cause of belly fat. It triggers adrenal gland to produce cortisol also known as stress hormone. To reduce belly fat easiest way to engage yourself in pleasurable activities that relives stress. Yoga practice and meditation is another best way to reduce stress.

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4.Proper sleep pattern.

Sleep is very important for every 1 hour of sleep the body gets 8% less chance of belly fat. Some researches even  shows that if you are getting 6 hour regular sleep at night then you have chance to increase in gain of viscous fat by 22%. So to avoid it get 8 hours of high quality sleep every night.

5.Add apple cider vinegar to diet.

Apple cider vinegar contains the compound known as acetic acid which reduce the abdominal fat storage and increase the metabolism. Taking 1-2 tablespoon of this vinegar per day in your diet is sufficient for the people who seek fat loss.

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6.Intermittent fasting.

In this method you take all your day calories within 8 hours of the day and for the next 16 hours you remain in the fasting state that means you don't consume anything rather then water. This method work for many of the people who want to lose their stubborn fat as soon as possible.

7.Protein rich diet.

Belly fat reduction is all about how much protein is consumed during the entire day. If one really wants to reduce belly fat they should get no less than 25% of daily calorie from protein.

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8.Track food intake and exercise.

Consuming  less calorie than body needs is key for weight maintenance and helps to reduce belly fat fast. To lose weight keeping a food dairy and keeping track of calorie intake will definitely going to help in this. And addition to that doing some workout or physical exercise always helps to burn some extra calories which will speedup the process of your belly fat reduction

9.Replace cooking oil with coconut.

One of the healthiest fats one can consume is coconut oil. Coconut oil also boost metabolism and deceases the fat storage, so insuring use of coconut oil will definitely give you result.

10.Avoid too much alcohol.

According to research alcohol can cause increase in belly fat. So try to avoid this as much as possible and if you have to drink then please drink it in very limited quantity because to much of it is extremely harmful for your body and it will act as a hindrance to reduce belly fat.

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